Who is LT?

Who is Language Travellers?

Language Travellers is an educational counseling agency located in Bursa, / Turkey. , I left my position at YERO International Education which I founded in 1999 in Bursa. However, I am glad to announce that I will continue to be an international educational consultant in my new company called Language Travellers based in Bursa.

As LT, our aim is to offer the best alternatives to the people who want to have education abroad and give the best services in this field. All the staff in our agency has experience in the field of Education and Consultation, therefore we believe that YLanguage Travellers has been a good choice for both international partners and students. 
It is important for LT to lead the students towards the right decision and placement as we consider that it will affect their future and education. For that reason it has been one of our main goals to co-operate with international partners who share our belief about the importance of education. LT is a  member of UED (www.ued.org.tr) an organization that brings quality agents together in Turkey. Also our educational consultants hold British Council agent training certificate.

The programs we offer to our clients;

1)   Language schools in




Australia, New Zealand



2)  Summer schools
3)  Work and travel program
4)  Au pair program in U.K and U.S.A
5)  University placement, University Foundation Year
6)  High school exchange programs
7)  Internship programs in U.S.A, U.K and Canada
8)  Master and certificate programs


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